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Sports Coach


South London

£15-£25 an hour

Company description

UDA provide an afterschool program which supports families and schools with the development of resilience in young people using fitness related activities; centred around dance, gymnastics and fencing paired with mindset coaching.

Our programs are designed for children of all abilities and our aim is to help young people to develop a mindset that allows them to reach their full potential.

UDA believe with the right mindset you can do anything, like the saying goes, “have a strong mind, lead a strong life”. 

Hence why we are called UDA because we want to help build our next generation to be unique, Dream big and stay Ambitious.

Job description

ALL APPLICANTS must be aged 18 or over to be able to undertake this job role

UDA Activity Professional

As a core member of the UDA team, you will be expected to inspire and empower young people to lead a healthy and physically active lifestyle, through delivering outstanding sport and physical activity sessions that are engaging and promote learning through movement. Full training is provided on how to deliver program to help you achieve your goals as well as continuous professional development. This job with UDA would be suitable for anyone looking to build a career in coaching young people, though sport coaching or other wellbeing activity coaching roles and those that have a keen interest in mental health.

Main Responsibilities and Duties

  • Deliver a range of high-quality innovative sports, mental health exercises and physical activities to children following set program guidelines and templates
  • Independently manage their workload, diaries and be responsible for the management of the customers of which they are assigned.
  • Communicate effectively and professionally to senior leaders and management Communicate effectively with all designated schools as an advocate for UDA and their values.
  • Manage and produce/report information linked directly to customers and roles assigned.
  • Effectively report on the monitoring and self-evaluation of personal performance.
  • Ensure that Health & Safety procedures are adhered to at all times following company policy and child protection guidelines
  • Consistently develop and be an advocate for motivating and inspiring young people to live and lead healthy active lifestyles
  • Able to produce accurate participant judgment’s, feedback and reports on individual achievements and progress such as child assessment and progress data
  • Consistently carry out the UDA Core Values.
  • Commit to CPD and attend any relevant training days as required

Skills/Experience Required


  • Hold a coaching or equivalent qualification for the delivery of sport and physical activity to children in one or all of the following subjects – Street dance, Gymnastics, Fencing.
  • Demonstrate experience and the ability to follow instructions, procedures and policies with previous experience of meeting set deadlines
  • Should have a passion and competencies to work with and motivate children & young people to be physically active.
  • Your previous work/life history provides evidence that you are safe to work with children and vulnerable adults and a relevant safeguarding qualification
  • No Criminal Convictions and be able to successfully undergo a DBS criminal records check
  • Had experience of delivering sport or physical activities to children and adults
  • Good written and oral communication skills
  • Proven organisational skills
  • Ability to work effectively as part of a team
  • Ability to work with a minimum of supervision
  • Will have worked in a school environment and have and or have an understanding of the school/education landscape


  • Be qualified in the administration of First aid and Mental Health first aid
  • Knowledge and experience of using ICT such as Microsoft Office, including; word, excel, etc and access to email
  • Be able to plan a range of innovative coaching sessions and programs
  • Must have GCSE A-C in both Literacy and Numeracy or equivalent
  • Knowledge and experience of mindset coaching.

Person Specification

  • People applying for this role should demonstrate a clear enthusiasm for physical activity and sport and wanting to get the best out of other people and themselves.
  • You should be trustworthy and possess an optimistic view.
  • You can be charming and good around people, talkative, persuasive and are empathetic when working and listening to others.
  • You can be creative and have the ability to work effectively in teams motivating others around them with a strong emotional outlook and sense of humour
  • You can demonstrate a strong emphasis towards compliance towards authority and following procedures.
  • You will finally possess the skills, competencies and experience that they are reliable, dependable and are a loyal team player
  • Meet outcomes and results with a positive outlook, and a clear focus on expectations for high quality standards.
  • Critically assess own performance in a mature and credible manner
  • Always articulate yourself in a professional well-presented and professional manner.
  • Display good levels of independence, drive and have access to own transport and is sufficiently mobile and flexible to travel.
  • You will have an interest in emotional resilience and how to look after your emotional health.

Application deadline: 03/09/2021

Expected start date: 13/09/2021

Job Type: Permanent

Salary: £15.00-£25.00 per hour


  • Monday to Friday
  • Hours: 3pm -4:30pm

COVID-19 considerations:
PPE is provided

Please Email to apply.

Self Isolation Tips

So, schools are closing from Friday until who knows when but don’t panic! As a parent and educator, it is important that we help ourselves and children remain positive during these times.

 Just like the saying goes, “the mind is a powerful thing” and I strongly believe that key to remaining positive is to have a healthy mindset, so here are my top tips to stay healthy mentally and physically during self-isolation.

Tip #1 every morning take part in meditation which can be done as a whole family and can be useful for all ages even if you have one child or multiple children it is something that you can do together. Guided meditation can be found on Youtube, Spotify and i tunes.

Tip #2 introduce your family to a gratitude list, how it works is every morning or evening encourage your child/ren to write down one thing that they are grateful for ; becoming grateful will help us remain positive and to remember that things may not be as bad as it seems. This can also be an art activity as they can be as creative when decorating their gratitude list, older children may want to create on the laptop.

Tip #3 music, is such a powerful tool to help us stay uplifted, why not try the following:

  • Musical charades
  • Dance party
  • Creating a music video on Tik Tok or Triller.
  • Talent show

Tip #4 take part in regular exercise if you can go outside then here are some ideas

  • Play tag games as they’re inclusive of everyone
  • Obstacle courses can be played in teams or individually
  • Races

If you are not able to get outside, then you can:

  • Play “Just dance” on Youtube and follow along
  • Table tennis
  • Children have a great imagination ask them to create a game.

As teenagers may be reluctant to join in, make it interesting with a forfeit. i.e. the loser must do dishes.

tip #5 Quiet time – please try to as parents take some time for yourself this is where The Xbox, PlayStation, board games, colouring books, movies and puzzles can be useful. Structure your day so that there is quiet times and use this time for yourself.

At UDA we teach children and young people to be Unique, Dream big and stay Ambitious, we will be moving our fitness sessions online and updating our website with how to videos and activities. Please register with us at and follow us at UDA2011 for updates.

Best Wishes

Katrina Thomas